Pee in a natural environment

Sterilized, Hygienic, Safe

P-flow the complete guide to

Kindly follow the following steps to know your flow, to know if your kidneys are at risk and get a recommendation if you need to see a doctor

Procedure to follow:

1Confirm: Your bladder is full

2Unbox the P-flow ,
with attached funnel pipe.

3Place the P-flow
on a levelled surface.

4Sit on edge
of a chair / bed / western commode or stand in front of the P-flow. Hold the funnel & pee into naturally.

5Scan the QR code
on brochure , Using your mobile phone.

6Enter details,
click , upload a clear photo of side “A”.

7Wait for 30 seconds
Click , upload photo of side “B”.

8Await the report

9Steps To Dispose PFlow
Pass water into the P-flow funnel and allow the drain pipe to drain into the commode for 3 mins.

10Invert the P-flow
so that the water inside drains out through the drain pipe.

Pack it into the box
and dispose it off as dry recyclable plastic waste / Return it to us for disposal.

Pioneer Product

Reliable Test Results

Approved by Urologists